Which Orchid Supplies Should You Purchase?

Orchids can be infested with insects. In the event of insect infestation, you can use a chemical insecticide or organic method. Another essential item is pruning snips, which allow you to control the look of your plant. With these snips, you can clip back errant leaves and sculpt the plant to perfection. The following tips will help you choose the right supplies for your orchids. But which orchid supplies should you purchase?

Choosing the right potting mix

Orchids require a different type of potting medium than other plants. The best mix is organic, containing several types of tree bark, moss, and charcoal. These materials provide orchids with important vitamins and minerals. The best orchid potting mix is also well-draining, allowing the roots to breathe easily. If you’re unsure about which mix to use, experiment and make sure your plants are happy!

Choosing the right sphagnum moss

You can buy sphagnum moss from nurseries, but beware of the lower grade sphagnum moss. While it is sold as orchid moss, this type of moss does not have the same properties as better grades. Those who choose this type of moss for their orchid plants will find that they require more watering and root rot, which are both bad for your orchid’s growth.

Choosing the right fir bark

Traditionally, fir bark was used for potting orchids. But these days, a more sustainable form of bark is available. Known as Power Plus, this type of bark is used for repotting and potting orchids. It is a sustainable source of fir bark that doesn’t decompose or add salts to the mix. Its unique wet/dry cycle is ideal for orchids, and it contains beneficial microorganisms that protect the plants from pathogens. However, it is more expensive than many other mixes.

Choosing the right perlite

Orchids thrive in the best growing medium, and perlite is an essential part of that mix. It increases the aeration of the soil and helps it retain moisture and nutrients. A quality perlite will also help you grow orchids in hydroponic systems, which are growing methods that can drastically alter soil chemistry. Choosing the right perlite for orchid supplies is a critical part of growing orchids successfully.

Choosing the right LECA

Choosing the right LECA orchid supplies is essential for ensuring successful growth of your new plant. Using old potting soil can cause problems for your new plants because they are not clean and can contain pests. It is also difficult to clean up potting soil with old pots, so choosing the right LECA orchid supplies is essential to a successful transition to LECA. If you have never tried LECA before, then here are some helpful tips.