Orchid Types

There are many orchid types available to grow. These include Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis, Vanda, and Cattleya. Learn more about them by reading this article. And while you’re at it, you can also browse some of the most popular flowering orchids on the market. This article will teach you about the differences between these four orchid types. So, now you’re ready to start growing orchids of your own!


There are four basic Cattleya orchid types, ranging from the southern Pacific Ocean to the Andes Mountains. The plant’s scientific name is Cattleya, abbreviated C in trade journals. If you’re interested in learning more about the plants, you should begin with the basic information on the families of these orchids. Then, you can learn more about each type’s features and how to identify them.


A lot of people can identify Phalaenopsis, the moth orchid. However, not everyone can name the Cattleya, or old corsage orchid. They all share a few distinct physical traits. For example, most orchids have three petals, or sepals, with one being specialized to be a labellum for pollination. This labellum is attached to the reproductive organ and can also be found on the old canes of certain orchids.


There are many different types of Cymbidium orchids. They can be grown in the same conditions as their more famous cousins. Some species require little to no care and some are available in abundance. These plants can be easily found and can be bought from an orchid nursery or other species collectors. Some species can also be propagated by divisions, mericlones, or seedlings. You can get a good deal when you buy them directly from an orchid club or grower.


The Vanda orchid genus, abbreviated V in the horticultural trade, comprises 87 species. These species are often cultivated for the market. The Vanda and its allies are the most specifically adapted orchids. In fact, they are widely cultivated in both tropical and subtropical regions. Listed below are a few of the Vanda orchid types. Learn more about this orchid genus below.

Lady’s Slipper

There are many things to look for in the name of a Lady’s Slipper orchid. This hardy plant is part of the Cypripedium genus. It contains 58 species and is one of five genera that together make up the subfamily of lady’s slipper orchids. The name Lady’s Slipper is derived from the Greek word “cypripiadion,” meaning’slipper’.


The genus Odontoglossum consists of approximately 100 species of orchids. The scientific name derives from the Greek words glossa and odon, which refer to the calluses that form on the base of the lip. These calluses are present on both the female and male Odontoglossia. The scientific name is often used to describe a specific orchid, but in actuality, this group of plants includes a much wider variety of species.