Orchid Pots

The Plant Warrior Container

Plants also need oxygen

The Plant Warrior technology boasts unique features. It uses an internal aeration chamber to increase oxygen levels around the root mass. This supercharging effect increases microbial activity, resulting in faster root growth, higher yields, easier nutrient uptake, and substantial plant growth.

You can grow Phalaenopsis orchids as well as slipper and fine-rooted orchids in the 1 Gallon Pot. Cymbidiums and larger plants like Cattleyas will do well in the 2 to 3 Gallon pots. The 3 gallon Plant Warrior container is ideal for orchids with large root systems and large specimen plants.

The 5 gallon Plant Warrior container will thrive with tomatoes, other vegetables, ornamental plants, and medicinal plants.

Features include an internal aeration chamber that will require less soil, 9 drainage slots on the sides, 12 drainage slots in the bottom, 3/8 inch raised bottom, extremely strong, rigidly injection molded, washable and reusable, economical, large bottom pots won’t tip, suitable for all types of plants. Our Clay Pot Double Pot Hangers have a 1/4 inch rim and are great for hanging your Plant Warrior container.

Plastic net baskets

They are finally here! We added these amazing Octagonal Net Baskets because of many customer requests.

The net baskets are made from high-quality thick plastic with a U.V. For long-lasting durability, the net baskets are impervious to UV light.

You’ll be amazed at the number of people who have asked us to make net baskets.

Hang it…or use it as a pot. The rim is designed to accept 3-wire hangers (3 wire hangers are not included).

It is great for aquatic pond plants and orchids.

Plastic net pots

Use Net Pots are a great way to ensure continued success when you are growing orchid seedlings from compot. After the orchid seedling has matured, you can place the entire Net Pot in a larger pot. Transplant shock can be eliminated to ensure uninterrupted growth.

Coir Round Orchid Pots

Tindara is conscious of the environment and actively seeks out eco-friendly products for our growing operations.

Our Coir-based growing containers offer all the benefits and protection of peat without having to destroy our peat bogs.

  • Coir Pots’ Amazing Benefits
  • Made of 100% organic, biodegradable material
  • Coir has no negative environmental impact
  • No fungicide required – higher resistance to mold
  • Disease and weed free
  • There are no hazardous disposal concerns
  • Coir PotFaster plant growth. Strong root system
  • Coir containers retain their structural integrity in a greenhouse environment
  • Coir is high in nutrients such as iron, copper and zinc.
  • It is pH neutral, odorless, and lightweight
  • Does not take moisture from plants
  • When they are wet, containers will not break apart
  • University-tested, exclusive manufacturing process delivers superior performance
  • Pots can last for up to five years
  • Coir pots allow plants to grow in the whole pot and into the pot walls.
  • You can plant directly into the ground without the need for transplanting.
  • The best thing is that Orchids love Coir Pots and they produce a vigorous, healthy root system.
  • Coir pots can also be used to create patio containers.