Garden Tools

Gardening Tools & Conveniences

Potting Tray

This sturdy potting tray makes a great garden accessory. Its lightweight design makes it easy for garden work to be brought inside. It can be used outdoors, in the garage or indoors as a play area for children. Accessories are not included.

Fine Mesh Sieve

This English plastic sieve is great value and a must-have for any potting table. Galvanized mesh, approximately. 1/4″ openings. Accessories are not included.

Hydrofarm Seedling Heating Mat

This increases your chances of success in cuttings and seedling propagation.

To significantly increase germination, heat the root area from ambient temperature 10-20 degrees F.

Mats include information about light, watering, and how to plant.

Waterproof mats with a 50% thicker construction than the other types.

Includes a 6-foot power cord.

Two standard propagation trays are included. Only UL-listed heat mats for seedlings! These mats have been used in our Greenhouse for more than 10 years and they’ve proven to be extremely effective, especially during winter. It’s easy to plug it in.

Reengineered for greater performance and longer durability The stronger, more durable heating wire and multi-layered construction provide uniform heating. They can also withstand harsh greenhouse environments.

Dewit Tools


Modern designs are made by DeWit using old-fashioned craftsmanship. Every tool is practical and beautiful, and will last generations. These gardening tools are both beautiful and practical. Made from sturdy European Ash, the handles are smooth and strong. They are almost unbreakable and shock-resistant. These tools are made from forged boron, which is extremely sharp and durable. Normal use will not cause it to bend. DeWit gives their steel a black patina. This evokes the tools used in the English garden. You will have heirloom quality for many generations.