Stakes, Hangers & Clips

Tindara’s Natural Bamboo Stakes

(30″ bamboo orchid stem stakes + daisy clips,10 pack)

These stakes are spectacular! Superior, natural quality.

Package contains ten 30″ Bamboo Stakes plus ten large Green Daisy Clips.

Tindara’s Bamboo Stakes are great for use indoors and outdoors for staking long stem orchids.

Constructed from the finest Bamboo, these stakes are food grade quality, no splinters, no chemicals, no dyes, not treated with any chemicals.

They are nice and smooth with a polished appearance and a pointed end for easy placement into a pot.

Green Coated Metal Plant Stakes

We had the paint customized to match the color of the orchids’ leaves.

Strong metal stakes with a green protective coating that naturally blends in with the orchids’ spike.

Extremely sturdy and strong enough not to distract from the beauty of the spike or the orchid’s flower.

These are strong, sturdy professional grade galvanized wire stakes, 1/8″ thick, coated with a thin layer of customized green plastic.

These will last for at least 10 years. These will hold large flower spikes such as cymbidiums without bending.

Just the right size to use with our Dragonfly or Small Green Daisy Clips.

Green Daisy Clips(Spring Loaded)

Spring-loaded plastic clasping daisy clips for securing orchid stems to their stakes. Large Stem Daisy Clips are green in color. They’re perfect for staking medium sized flower spikes. They are easy to use, and their color helps them blend in with the orchid foliage. Very nice clips!

Daisy clips are a very durable plant clip. They can be used indoors and outdoors. Good resistance to sun and weather.

These are strong and reusable for many times.

Large Clips Measure approx: 5/8″ Wide x 1″ Long
Small Clips Measure approx: 1/2″ Wide x 3/4″ Long

Bamboo Trellis

An elegant accent piece for your home decor. Adds a dramatic decoration for your home or office potted plants.

These Bamboo Ladder Trellises are ideal for container-grown vines, climbing plants or orchids. Each trapezoid shaped trellis measures 12″ wide at the top and tapers down to 5″ at the bottom. The overall height is 24″ – Plenty of room for an indoor climbing vine or long orchid stems to reach their potential.

Great for staking dendrobiums or long Phal stems.

The Ladder Trellis has 4 support rungs for good stability and 6″ legs to secure the trellis in a pot.

Includes 6 dragonfly clips to secure vines/stems to trellis.